Let's Talk about Cumberland

The Most Beautiful Older Homes Around and more

Cumberland is the home to so many great homes.  If you’re looking for a ranch style home as a first time home buyer or a downsizer, you will find so many to choose from!  The Cumberland Hill and Valley Falls sections border the nearby towns of Central Falls and Woonsocket and are the more affordable sections of town while  the Arnold Mills section of Cumberland is where the fancy folk live!  I am only partly joking but this is where you will find most of the truly old-style luxury homes, homes with horses, homes with tennis or basketball courts in the backyard, homes that look like they could fit another home inside of them!  Are there newer luxury homes in Cumberland? Absolutely.  But Arnold Mills is a very sought after community due to it’s award-winning elementary school, proximity to the border of North Attleboro and Attleboro (shopping and restaurants), wooded areas, winding country roads, a pool and tennis club and more.  But ALL of Cumberland is desirable!  Whether it be for the in-town restaurants and ice cream shops, the vast amount of open space, the hiking trails and bike path or just the feeling of community, you will love Cumberland.

Here’s a quick peak into the Arnold Mills Section of Cumberland, one of the oldest and prettiest parts!

Let's Talk About the Schools!

Education Comes First!

Families tend to choose Cumberland for their school system and the school-age children who live here attend one of 5 elementary schools, one of two middle schools and the one and only  high school right in the center of town.  There is also a Charter School that is available for all grade levels.  The schools are well-maintained and take the education of their students very seriously.  You can find out more about each of the schools below:



BF Norton

John J. McLaughlin


McCourt Middle

North Cumberland Middle

Cumberland High School


Oh, you're Active? We got you...

Cumberland has so much to do!

You like going out to eat?  We have restaurants from a variety of ethnic types: Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian.  You like to watch sports?  We have several sports bars to choose from.  You like hiking, biking or a leisurely stroll?  We have the Blackstone Valley Bike Path, hiking trails that are flat or mountainous depending on your skill and there are even sidewalks on the main streets in town.  Do you enjoy ice cream?  Oh boy, have you come to the right place.  There are at least 4 fabulous ice cream parlor choices!  How about fishing?  We have a river running right through town and the many creeks and streams are its runoffs.  I can’t even begin to name all the great things you can do right in town but if you prefer to head to the city on the weekends, Providence is 20 minutes away and Boston? A short hour.

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