Alternatives to Dreaded Dorm-Life!

Has your child been accepted into University of RI and are dreading the Dorm Life or are they already attendin...


Are you planning on selling your house due to a break up or divorce?  Divorce is never easy even if...


Dee Webster

April 7, 2020

Final Walk-Through Checklist

Although it bears an ominous-sounding name, the final walk-through is actually a blessing for homebuyers. It t...

Dee Webster

December 22, 2020

Affordable Boston

Are you looking in the Boston suburbs and simply horrified by the prices? I have some great advice for you!...

Dee Webster

December 20, 2020

What is a Home Inspection?

So, you have found the house of your dreams and it’s time for a home inspection. What that is and...

Dee Webster

December 20, 2020

Should I Install Solar?

Are you considering installing solar panels on your property but not quite sure if it’s a good idea? Have yo...

Dee Webster

December 20, 2020

Virtual Tours

I’m sure you’ve heard about virtual tours in real estate which is the latest and greatest way to view home...

Dee Webster

September 29, 2020

Buying New Construction

Are you thinking about new construction as opposed to an existing house? I’m here to help you with your desi...

Dee Webster

September 19, 2020


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