Are you looking in the Boston suburbs and simply horrified by the prices? I have some great advice for you! GO SOUTH, MY FRIEND, GO SOUTH.

$800,000 vs $400,000

I am currently working with buyers who have done just that, started looking for homes in the Boston suburbs of Dorchester, West Roxbury and Jamaica Plains areas and have been unable to purchase anything within their means. They have decided that owning a home and commuting to work is a better option and let’s face it, many of you have now transitioned to working from home for the present and unforeseeable future so this is a great opportunity to own property.

If you are a typical first time home buyer, you are probably looking at a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home with 1500-2000 square feet of living space. You also probably are looking for a side street or neighborhood and a manageable yard. Let’s compare.

Dorchester, Roxbury, JP and More

Homes that fit that criteria which are currently for sale, under agreement or have recently sold in the Boston suburbs have an average price tag of $625,000 to 800 thousand.


Let’s travel south a bit and look in the Braintree area. You will find that these homes are under that, averaging at between $550,000 and $640,000. That’s a significant savings. But wait, there’s even better.

Attleboro and Surrounding Areas

Twenty minutes south of Braintree is Attleboro. Same size homes are priced even lower. Now we are looking at homes in the mid $300000s to low 400,000s.

Same house, same size, same number of bedrooms and baths, on side streets or in neighborhoods. yes, a Longer commute for those who go in to work every day. But you’ll have more money in your pocket every month after making your mortgage payment and that equals an improved lifestyle.

Rhode Island, Too!

But wait, there’s more. Have you thought about jumping the border into RI? Cumberland and Pawtucket are very close to the border and the Attleboro train station. Homes in these towns can be obtained for the high $200000s to mid 300000s.

Would you like to know more about the cost of living difference between the 2 states? Check out my YouTube Channel: Dee Webster Realty Group.

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