Are you thinking about new construction as opposed to an existing house? I’m here to help you with your design choices and how to save some money!

I have worked with builders and have seen costs for the buyers on new construction go way above their initial budget so I’m here to advise you on where to save and where to spend your money.


Builder grade paint, even levels 2 and up aren’t that great. You’re better off choosing a level 1 neutral color for walls and ceilings and upgrading to other paint brands and colors down the road, on your own.


Again, builder grade carpet is just ok and wears out quickly. But that’s fine for the bedrooms which are not high traffic areas. But upgrade to other types of floorings for the living room, family room and hallways. Since these areas are walked on regularly, choose a sturdy flooring such as bamboo, wood tiles or even vinyl plank flooring. All beautiful options and will withstand the amount of traffic from a family.


Wherever you are choosing tile, choose wisely. Because tile is so difficult to remove and replace, it makes sense to upgrade, if the color or style you prefer is not available in Level 1. This can mean bathroom and kitchen floors and in the shower itself. Also if you’re thinking of resale in a few years, you are better off not opting for the vinyl, one-piece shower or tub. Not only is Tile prettier but it will add value to your home.


Lighting is very difficult to choose without the furniture in place. You are better off choosing the Level 1 lighting and replacing those fixtures as you settle in.


There are different grades of Granite and the higher the grade the higher the price, obviously. Do not opt for the higher level of granite in the bathrooms. No one can tell the difference and you will save yourself a ton of money.
In the kitchen however, because these counters are a focal point of any home and are used for every meal, you want a material that will withstand daily use and in my case, abuse. A better granite or even a different material completely, such as quartz, marble or concrete, is an excellent idea. And don’t forget the backsplash. This is more of an artistic choice than one for function so if you don’t have a designers eye, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Wherever you are shopping for your backsplash will have people to assist.

So that’s it! When deal with new construction, save on paint and lighting but splurge on flooring, tile and the kitchen and you’ll end up with a home you can be proud of for years to come.