Although it bears an ominous-sounding name, the final walk-through is actually a blessing for homebuyers. It typically occurs in the days leading up to closing. The closer to the day of closing, the better.

This is your final chance to inspect the home to ensure that it is in the same condition as when you agreed to purchase it, that the seller has completed all requested repairs, that all personal items included in the sale are, indeed, in place, that the storage has been cleared out, that all “fixed” items are still fixed, appliances listed in MLS are still present and that there is no new damage to the home.  I once had to request that the seller return all the light bulbs that were removed from the home, returned. Yes.  Lightbulbs.

This is not an opportunity to discover issues that you hadn’t seen during past visits.  If you’ve been fortunate enough to move in early due to a delay in the closing, you have probably seen a few things you wouldn’t notice if you were not living there.  Leave that alone.

Two tips to make sure the inspection goes off without a hitch:

  • Your real estate agent should remind the buyers’ agent to ensure that all the utilities remain on. Feel free to call your agent to determine if this was done for an easier transition.
  • Bring along a smart phone or camera to document any issues.

Check Repairs

  • Have all requested repairs been made according to the purchase agreement? Tip: Bring along a professional to inspect the repairs if it’s more complicated than just a casual observer can detect.
  • Did the seller leave all permits, warranties and receipts for you?f


  • Did the seller leave the remote-control devices for pool heater, ceiling fans, alarms, and garage doors?
  • Is the home clean? In most regions, homes should be left in “broom swept” condition and sellers must remove all garbage and personal property.
  • Before you leave the house: did you turn off the irrigation system, HVAC system and driveway, pool and spa heaters?
  • Has the seller left all the keys to every lock in the house, basement, garage and shed, as well as mailbox, pool, clubhouse and other miscellaneous keys if you purchased a condo.

Happy closing!