So you’ve made the big decision to buy a house and you don’t have a clue where to start? This video will take you through the process with links and resources to help you do it right.

Hi I’m Dee Webster from the Dee Webster realty group and I’m a local realtor here in RI and southern MA.  As a former teacher I take pride in the fact that I educate my clients in the process of whatever is their ultimate goal.  Today we are talking to you, the buyer, so my job is to help you search for homes effectively, make a winning offer and ultimately get the house you want.  Is that what you want? Well, then listen up and also watch the embedded video and pay attention to the suggested videos at the end, that dive in a little more deeply.

Pre-Approval vs Pre-Qualification

Get a pre-approval not a prequalification.  A preapproval holds far more weight and shows that you have provided valuable information to your lender who has approved you to buy up to a certain dollar amount.  Ask your realtor where to go.  A preferred lender is also a better option than a big bank.  You’ll get better rates, someone to communicate with outside of normal business hours, and a person who genuinely cares.


Stay off of zillow!  These 3rd party websites are quick about grabbing the information from MLS but they are very slow about getting rid of the homes once they’ve sold.  Not to mention that their suggestions about what the home is worth are generally way off.  Wait for the MLS updates from your realtor.

What do You Need in a House?

Narrow down your search; otherwise you’re just spinning your wheels. Figure out what you want in a house and what you can do without.  You’ll never get  everything you want in one house unless you have a gazillion dollars to spend and are building it to your specifications  (and even then, buyers wish they had done something differently).  Also decide which towns work for your commute, your lifestyle, and your price range.

Are the Neighborhoods Safe?

Unless you are very familiar with the areas, drive through neighborhoods before making an appointment to see the home.  The house might be ideal but if it’s surrounded by ugly properties with junk cars in the yard or it’s on a cut-through street, the house may not work for you.  Make sure to listen also.  Is there highway noise? Is that a manufacturing plant behind you where you’ll hear machines day and night?  How about an elementary school across the street which has recess after lunch and you sleep 8-3  to work the 2nd or 3rd shift?  

Now that you know what to do, You are ready to schedule some showings!  Make sure to watch this video so you know exactly how an offer works, especially in a multiple offer situation!

About the Author

Dee Webster Realty Group has been helping families for over a decade and uses the latest in technology to assist your search.  We are dedicated to our clients regardless of their time frame or price range. Did you know that you can search for only homes with solar panels and other “green” aspects? Need a first floor Master or a jacuzzi tub? We can find all of that and more!

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