Are you selling your home on your own? Since my previous video and blog about how to FSBO in the best way possible was sooooo popular, I thought I’d zoom in on a few of the most important aspects which will help you make a fast sale right now. 

Should I Hire a Realtor?

I know that the reason why you are selling your home  yourself is to save yourself from paying a fee to a Realtor.  I also am making the  assumption that you probably had some dealings with Realtors who were not pleasant or who, in your opinion, did very little to try to sell your home.  I get that.  Some realtors are unpleasant, some are poor communicators, some may even be worse!

What is a Buyer Agent Commission?

However, the listing commission is split between the listing agent and the buyer agent.  That’s their salary.  That’s how everyone gets paid per transaction.  If the house doesn’t sell, the listing agent earns nothing and if the buyer doesn’t end up buying anything, the buyer agent earns nothing. It’s in everyones’ best interest to do the very best they can to sell their listing or find their buyers the ideal home.

Here’s an analogy.  Stay with me here. You go fishing in a pond for one hour with a fishing rod.  You may catch 2-3 fish.  Another fisherman goes out with a net to the very same pond.  He scoops up 20-30 fish in that one big net.

What Does a Buyer Agent Do?

When you are not offering a buyer agent commission, you are fishing with a rod.  The only buyers who will come to see your home are buyers who are not represented by a buyer agent.  That’s very few.  Remember how I told you who paid the buyer agent?  Right, it’s not the buyer.  Having an agent costs buyers nothing, so why wouldn’t they all be represented.  When you, Mr. Fsbo,   choose to offer a buyer agent commission, your home becomes one of the viable options that a buyer agent will encourage their client to view.That, my friend, is fishing with a net.

How to Sell my Home For the Most Money

Yes, you want to make a profit of the highest amount possible.  But you also want as many buyers to see your home as possible and the more people who see it, the more likely it will sell.  Offering a buyer agent commission is the way to get more eyeballs on your home and therefore a faster sale AND you’ll only be paying a small amount to do so.  To learn more ways to do it right, grab yourself a copy of  “The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Home On Your Own” by clicking this link:

 If you’re interested in watching more about how to FSBO correctly check out these two videos which cover even more, and one is specifically about How to Advertise!

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