It’s time for the most exciting time of your life so far!!!!! Ge ready for some mood swings!


You and your significant other are in agreement, it’s time to buy a house!  Time to celebrate.  But you learn fast that you need a pre-approval in order to even look at most houses so off you go to find a lender.  Your friends recommend a few, so happiness continues.


You give the lender you chose (based on his kindness over the phone) all the information he requires and now you wait.  Over the next day or two, you eat a package of Oreos, three bags of Cheetos and a waffle simply out of nervousness.  He finally calls and you are pre-approved above the number you hoped so all is good. Hey, happiness?  Come on back!

While happy, you look through Zillow and visit a few open houses which are PACKED.  The listing agent at the home you like the most, tells you that representation is not required so she offers to write an offer for you, well over the list price which makes you so even more anxious.


You find out that not only did you not get your offer accepted (relief) but your parents inform you that the listing agent is representing the seller rather than you so she was only interested in getting the highest amount possible.  How dare she not be clear about that huge fact?


Thanks to parents again, you realize you absolutely need representation in the form of a Buyer Agent.  You ask around and get the names of some realtors recommended by your friends.  One is just not the right fit but the 2nd one you meet is ideal.  She teaches her clients all about what to look for,  how to determine the right home and what happens after the accepted offer which is great because you know nothing! She also emails you homes every week that meet the criteria she discussed with you both (wants vs. needs) so that saves us TIME.


You receive literally hundreds of homes in your price range the first week.  While sifting through them, you decide there is something worthy in all of them so you decide that you should  see them ALL. You make a list of 23 to see on Saturday.


The realtor explains to you that it’s important to drive by a few of the favorites to make sure that the area  where the homes are located is where we feel comfortable.  Well, guess what?  Our favorites were the nicest homes on the block and who wants to be surrounded by rental properties, listen to highway noise, or worry about all the traffic on a cut-through street?  Not us. She also informs us that it’s best to see only a handful of homes on each outing so we don’t start jumbling them up.


What if we don’t find a house in that price range?  What if nothing comes available? What if everyone outbids us for our perfect house? What if the honey and I don’t agree? What if we fight over every house? What if all those fights cause a break up? B-R-E-A-T-H-E


So we not only find a house, we find several.  With the first two we offer listing price or a little more and we are outbid.  So sad but a learning opportunity.  We are quick learners and for house #3, we offer $15000 over with an escalation clause to protect our top number because we love it and in our opinion, the house is just right.


…and our offer is accepted!   Not only because the number was high but also because the sellers felt that we would fit into the neighborhood best and we reminded them of when they first were starting out.  Letters work!


So much to do in so little time!  45 days goes by in a snap!  Home inspection, followed by requesting repairs (Thanks to your Realtor for helping you through all of that!), to providing your lender with all the documentation he needed, to packing, looking at new furniture because you had very shabby hand-me-downs, to hiring a mover.

Honestly, all those emotions were so worth it!  You now own your perfect home (for now) and you are probably willing to go through them all again when you are ready for an upgrade!

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