Remember back when you were dating? You would change your outfit 10 times to make sure to look just right, take extra time on makeup, maybe buy new shoes and your hair had to be shiny and magazine worthy! Same with your house! First impressions are everything when selling your home so how do you do that? Here are some great tips to get you started!

Prepping house for sale externally?

  1. Make a great first impression and that means immediately.  When the buyers first pull up, they see the outside.  Make sure the lawn is mowed and the lawn mower is back in the shed.  The hedges should be trimmed.  Pick up any toys in the yard that are just scattered about.  Powerwash the outside or repaint if there are peeling spots (FHA requirements). Wash the windows, inside and out, place a new welcome mat on the front stoop which by the way should be swept off for every showing.  Is the front light working? If not fix that and also you can cheaply replace the numbers on your house to something bold and more  up to date.

Do I need scents for House Showings?

2. When they enter the home, it should smell good.  Not an artificial smell from a candle because that can cause headaches in some people.  Use essential oils, if you have them, or you can put drops of vanilla extract in your warm oven which smells like cookies. If it’s spring or summer, open the windows several hours before the showing.  That will remove any stale odors.

Spring Cleaning Preparation

3. Clean the house completely.  Get rid of cob webs and fur balls that tend to appear out of nowhere.  Vacuum and dust all rooms but also straighten out closets, junk drawers and cabinets.  Don’t forget the basement and the garage.  If you have a bunch of stuff, and are moving things from the main house to the basement, just organize it into one corner rather than spread out everywhere.

Should I Remove Personal Photos

4. Remove as many personal items as you can, such as family photos and souvenirs from your travels.  We want the buyers to envision themselves living in the home and that’s hard to do without a clean slate.

Fix Minor Flaws Before Selling

5.  Take care of any minor repairs.  Replace that light fixture, rehang the curtain rod properly, re-caulk around the sink and tub.  All those projects  you’ve been putting off for years should be done now.  And a fresh coat of paint does wonders.  But keep it neutral.  The more you do ahead of time, the less the buyer has to ask for after the home inspection.  A laundry list of repair requests equals money.

Can I Stay in my House During Showings?

6.  Leave.  There is nothing more uncomfortable for a buyer than to see the seller lounging in their Lazy Boy, eating chips and watching the news.  If they can’t envision themselves with your photos they certainly can’t with you there.

How to Price a Home for Sale

7.  Price your home properly.  Over pricing homes wastes everyones time and energy.  And misses your target buyer.  By the time you lower the price repeatedly to where it should have been priced from the beginning, all your buyers have moved on and bought homes that WERE priced appropriately.  It also adds days on market which screams “there’s something wrong with me”!

How much Notice Do Buyers Need to View a Home?

8.  Be available.  Limiting times to see the house limits buyers.  You can request for buyers to give a 24 hour notice but make sure that 5-7 pm and the weekends are available since that’s when the majority of buyers are looking. Remember, if it’s difficult to see, it’s difficult to sell.

How Firm Should Our List Price Be?

9.  Be willing to negotiate.  Your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay.  I’m not saying take any ridiculously low offer but the list price is just a starting point.  Counter where you want to be and force the buyer to bring his price higher.  You want to feel like you received a fair price and the buyer wants to feel like he got a deal.  NO flexibility means the buyer may walk away.


10. Don’t sell your house on your own.  Hire a skilled realtor.  You want someone who can market your home well, is social media savvy since that’s where buyers are looking, will  hire a professional photographer, knows how to stage the home and will negotiate on your behalf to get you the highest price possible.  Working your full time job and trying to schedule showings and do all the other tasks that come after the accepted offer is not for the meek.  Trust me.

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