Is your child entering or re-entering Providence or Rhode Island College in the Fall?  Did you know that there are safe alternatives for off campus living that can save you money?  That information is coming up, right here!

As a life long resident of Rhode Island and a graduate of both Rhode Island College and Providence College I know that attending even a state school can be expensive! 

PC and RIC

As you can see on a map of Providence, RIC and PC are in the same general vicinity.  The neighborhoods in that area are Elmhurst, Fruit Hill and Mount Pleasant.  Some are within walking distance and some are not but with plenty of parking on either campus, you can make any of those neighborhoods work.

Things to Do!

In addition to the convenience of living near the school, living in Providence is such fun!  There’s the East Side, near Brown University,  with plenty of unique shops and restaurants, the Downtown area with restaurants, bars and PPAC for theater and concerts, the “Dunk” for sporting events and larger concerts  and the Convention Center for everything else.  Outside of Providence, there’s Historic Newport which  is only a 30-45 minute drive, depending on traffic, and if exploring a larger city interests you, Boston is accessible by car or commuter rail.  

The Bottom Line: Numbers

At Providence college which is the pricier of the two, the dorm fee per month is $2052.00.  The dorm fee per month at Rhode Island College is $1645.  To rent a third of a 3 bedroom house in the area of Providence around either college is around $1000.  Since the average cost to purchase a home in the area is $276,000 your mortgage would be approximately $1728.00. You can see the savings immediately!  You can either choose to have your child live for free or you can rent it out to 3 students and make a profit of at least $1200 per month.  No brainer, right?

So, I know that was a great deal of information to absorb in one sitting so feel free to visit my YouTube channel or watch the video attached. and also be sure to catch the URI related video on housing in South County.

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