Are you considering installing solar panels on your property but not quite sure if it’s a good idea? Have you heard differing opinions from friends? Are you worried about the impact that installation would have on a future sale of your home? There are sooo many questions!!

Well, fortunately for you, I am the Mom of a Solar Expert and after hearing about his different buyer questions and interviewing him extensively, I have some answers for those of you who are thinking about using natural energy.

The Big Why?

Why should you even consider this option?
Why shouldn’t you. National Grid is the Biggest Company around and make plenty of money off of you and have for years. Why not try to save money instead?


What does Solar do exactly?
Solar harvests energy directly from the sun. It allows you to control your electricity costs and power your home in a more efficient and clean way.

What happens to the panels if I sell my house?
The buyer of your home picks up where you left off in the agreement. The warranties transfer as well.

Saving Money (or No?)

How much money would I save on my electric bill?
That amount is dependent upon the number of people who live in the house and how much electricity they use. Teenagers vs. toddlers, Gamers vs readers, in-school students vs virtual learners. Every family is different.

Do I need a new roof before installing panels?
If your roof is 10 years or newer it is typically in good condition for a solar install.

Panels. Are. Ugly. Let’s face it.

Do the panels have to go in the front? They are not very pretty! Unfortunately, the panels must be installed on the South- Facing section of the roof. Sometimes that’s in the front and sometimes not. Most houses will have solar panels in ten years so you needn’t worry about your house looking odd.

Will panels ever be smaller and less noticeable?
When they do become smaller or embedded in the roof shingles themselves, the price will go up. New technology is always more expensive than existing technology.

Which Solar Company is the Best?

There are so many solar companies. How do I know what company to choose?
Some people prefer dealing with smaller local companies but those companies typically have fewer financing options or worse, may go out of business which impacts on your warranty. If you choose a larger company, they will have more finance options, better monitoring apps and longer service times.

It’s not warm here all the time so does solar make sense?
Panels aren’t powered by warmth, they are powered by sunlight. New England has thousands of solar powered homes and businesses.

Can I Make Money off of National Grid?

What’s this I hear about selling your excess energy back to the electric company?
You want a system that powers your home directly with net metering. Anything you’ve heard about selling your energy back to National Grid is great for National Grid but not great for you. Your solar rep can explain this is greater detail.

Who Owns & Maintains?

Do I own the equipment on my roof and who maintains that? If you buy the system yourself, you own the system. Many companies offer a warranty for ownership, but not all. If you are one of the 70% of homes that decide to go the PPA route, then the solar company and its finance partner own the solar system. It is maintained, warrantied, and insured the entire time it’s on the roof.

Who services the equipment after installation?
Your solar company should service your equipment unless you chose a smaller company who didn’t offer a warranty or that went out of business. Make sure you ask that question of your solar rep.

So there you have it. Those are the top, most popular questions asked by solar buyers. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact me directly and I will connect you with solar options in your area.