Are you selling your home and considering using a Flat Fee Real Estate Brokerage?  What is it, will it save you money and what are the benefits? Before you do anything,  take a listen to the pros and cons of such a service. But be aware, there are pluses and minuses to any service.

Do you save money with a Flat Fee Firm?

You’ll save money on the commission.  Sure.  That sounds great.  But also keep in mind that they are paying out a smaller percentage to the buyer agent than is typical in your area which means that buyer’s agents won’t be quick to show your home to their clients.

Do Flat Fee Brokerages use Realtors?

A busy listing agent is selling several homes at the same time and if their not, well, that speaks volumes also.  When using a flat fee service you’ll get lots of attention.  Mainly because you are both the agent and the client.  Need to chat?  Look in the mirror.

Flat Fee Brokerage vs FSBO

For  any open house or showing, you are at the mercy of the 3 schedules: the buyer, the listing agent’s  and the buyer agent’s.  Sure you can insist on certain times to show  but that limits visitors.  When you use a flat fee service, you can schedule all showings based on your availability and the buyers.  No one else. 

How to Market your Home for Sale

When using a flat fee service you are in charge of marketing.  They place the home in MLS which then feeds to zillow, and similar sites.  But You can choose to put your home in various other places, such as Facebook ads, Craigslist, Google ads, and more.  You decide how much or how little to spend.

How to Prepare your Home for Sale

A Realtor will typically make suggestions of what to do and change to make your home more appealing.  With a flat fee broker, you make the call.  If you don’t want to stage your home, you’re in charge.  If throwing a fresh coat of paint on the interior walls, power washing the deck, landscaping the yard and just making the home as pretty as possible doesn’t float your boat, you don’t have to do it.

Obviously a Flat Fee Service is not for everyone.  Investigate thoroughly before signing.  If you’d like to know more about selling your home, please click on this link to get a free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Selling your Home: