Are you moving to New England? Even better, are you moving to Rhode Island? I have lived in four states and RI is my absolute favorite! I know 10 great reasons why moving to Rhode Island is the best place to be!

Proximity to the City

Northern RI is very close to Providence.  Therefore you can enjoy the benefits of the city: theater and concerts at PPAC and “The Dunk”, WaterFire and more restaurants, such as on Federal Hill which has the tastiest Italian Cuisine anywhere other than Italy itself, all while living in the suburbs. And the traffic is so easy breezy and very different from driving into Boston, but hey, that’s close, too. You are an hour away from Boston but you paid far less for your home than if you bought it even right over the border.

The Atlantic Ocean

You are an hour drive from the ocean without having to deal with the excessive visitors who would invade your Narragansett driveway (or worse, front lawn) to avoid beach parking fees. Did you know that there are literally 100s of choices of beaches, both private and public. And they are all well maintained and lovely. You can even shower at many of them before that drive home and keep your car sparkling clean!

Travel to Anywhere

You are close to the airport in Warwick which has affordable parking, a smaller and more manageable terminal, and national flights to anywhere. If you’ve been to any major airports, such as Logan in Boston, you know that the parking fees are outrageous and trying to find your terminal is not for the weak.

Government Rocks

Since at this publishing, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I have to mention that RI’s governor opened up salons and restaurants much sooner than MA’s governor so that helped ease the quarantine uglies and crankiness.

Interesting Accent

Do you like uniqueness? Rhode Island has it’s very own accent.  It’s a little like New York but with fewer Rs.  Who has time to pronounce every R anyway? Massachusetts people all sound like JFK.

Medical Help

If you are forced to spend time in a hospital, or if you choose to have elective surgery, Providence hospitals have great reputations. My daughter is an RN in one of them and knows the scoop! Plus, there is plenty of parking.

Geography Education

While on vacation and you tell people where you’re from, Typical replies are assuming that Rhode Island is synonymous with Long Island so you get to educate them on geography. Practice these snarky responses:

No Rhode Island is not in New York, that’s Long Island.

Yes, it’s an actual state! The smallest state in the United States.

Feel free to come up with your own. You’ll get good at it, I promise.


Block Island and Newport are really the only tourist attractions in RI so you don’t have to deal with tourists unless you seek them out. And seek them out you should, once a season. Block Island is accessible by ferry which is such fun, especially the high speed ferry and Newport has much to see but those mansions!

Amazing Flavors

And lastly, coffee milk and coffee ice cream. You have to try it! Mmmmmmm

Clearly there is a LOT packed into this little state and well worth taking a peak!